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News - 07/12/2022


During the 2022 edition of the SIMI (commercial real estate exhibition in Paris), Axe Immobilier sponsored a conference held on December 7th 2022 which figured out today's issues of "the office of the future, in the city" thanks to the enlightening comments of :

The speakers not only noticed the current profound change of the way of working, which leads designers, investors, and tenants to reinvent the office, in order to make it more attractive, more resilient, low-carbon impacting and environmentally friendly. Its use shall be more intensive, in order to make it both a good investment for the company and a source of well-being and creativity for workers. As Simon Laisney said, the associations and artisans, who occupy Plateau Urbain’s projects do "want to go to office".

They also claimed that the building opening towards the city and of the city towards the building is an incredibly better way to work and to live. This is particularly the case in Montreuil, where the future building “East Village” will become a place of exciting and fruitful exchanges, of mixed, intensive, and vibrant offices thanks to its irrigation towards the beating heart of the city. 

Watch the conference with this link