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News - 05/05/2022

Adherent to the “reuse booster”, Axe Immobilier keeps on its efforts for improving the carbon footprint of its buildings

In April 2022, Axe Immobilier joined the “reuse booster”, a collective which brings together several actors of the real estate industry engaged for improving the carbon footprint of their projects.

This commitment lengthens our conviction that the reduction of our project carbon's footprint will necessary come through the reuse of materials from the deconstruction and by restructuring existing buildings.

In that respect, the building "OPALE" whose redevelopment is currently being studied in Montreuil will be a showcase of this commitment on a large scale. In partnership with the company "Action pour la Transformation des Marchés" Axe Immobilier will analyse the potential of existing reusable components and materials in this building, its transformation (during the development process) and operating (in future) costs.

Axe Immobilier's adherence to the “reuse booster” completed our virtuous practices for the environment protection, which we have initiated since our founding. As a matter of fact and, in compliance with our commitment for a protected planet, Axe Immobilier already recycles  75 % of the clearance or demolition waste when the structure is not fully retained (which leads to iconic conservation-transformation projects such as Grand Angle in the city of Asnières). Furthermore, even during the construction of new buildings, Axe Immobilier has already reused materials from deconstruction of the existing industrial buildings, for example when we developed the project Garden Attitude in Massy.

This partnership for an initial term of 3 years will strengthen and systemise our methods for apprehending the achievement of the different levels of the RE 2020 (the new environmental standard) and for achieving as soon as possible the carbon neutrality.